About Us


Founded in 2012, our company began as a new and pre-owned car brokerage company dedicated to transforming the car buying experience for the end-user through expert dependable service. Over the years, our continuous efforts to provide additional services for our clients extended to our full service collision repair centers and our pre-owned vehicle dealerships. Altogether, our team provides the best deals to our clients with a high level of transparency and efficiency throughout the entire buying process. By combining outstanding deals with reliable quality service, Ideal Auto offers buyers the most valuable solution for their vehicle purchasing needs during the sale and unparalleled service thereafter.


Make Car-Buying Simple

What We Do:

The abundance of choices of makes, models, and tech in vehicles nowadays can make car-buying quite difficult as consumers are overwhelmed with information to consider prior to making a sound choice in meeting their needs and some more.  By conducting a brief, yet thorough analysis of our clients’ needs, we help tailor the most valuable solution for each buyer. 

Armed with a network of over 100 automobile dealerships, all their inventory and manufacturers’ incentives, combined with our ever-expanding vehicle sales and service locations and teams trained with extensive knowledge about financing, leasing, and auto repair options, we are well equipped to help ensure customer success and satisfaction.  Ultimately making car-buying simple.

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